Do you play cricket?

I managed to get in a game of cricket today for the first time in about ten months. I’ve been playing occasional games for about five years now in a winter competition in Brisbane. Today was just a trial game prior to the start of this years competition, but it provided a win, which is usually better than a loss, even in a trial.

This means I am currently feeling the aching of muscles that have not been used since sometime last year – despite spending most of the day standing in slips and not being called on to bat. Just two overs of gentle medium pacers was somehow enough to make a muscle in my wrist start aching. I didn’t even know wrists had muscles.

I only managed about two games all last year, but hopefully I can manage a few more this year. It’s a good competition, built loosely around people in bands or linked to music in someway or other in Brisbane – serious enough to be organised, but not so serious as to be unfriendly (usually). It was the subject of a story some years ago on Radio National – the transcript of which can be read here.

The captain of my team is quoted as saying “Cricket is a ballet, isn’t it, it’s a dance, you have to be in your body but not of the moment to really make it work. You can see the way drummers play strokes is different from the way vocalists do it, it’s very interesting.” Which just goes to prove that it’s not just politicians who say absurd and pretentious things in a desperate attempt to sound interesting on the radio. (the bastard dropped a catch off my bowling today, so I had to pay him back somehow).

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  1. It will be interesting to see if all the fanatics have views on cricket.

    However I’m an old Sydney grade player of 17 seasons so i can relate to all that. Hope you enjoyed the game.

  2. I find if I stand in slips all day I get a sore back. Better off having a run in the outfield for a while.

    Pre season training would probably help you, it would get all the aches and pains out of the way before the season starts.

    I just finished by 20th season in a row, starting from when I was 10. In that time I’ve only missed 3 games and that was because I was in hospital.

  3. I’m a great cricket fan, but rarely play the game. My childhood dream of playing for Australia (isn’t that every Aussie kid’s childhood dream?) was quickly discarded when I realised you had to stand in the field all day. That and something about natural talent.

    Personally, my own (leg) muscles are aching after getting on my pushbike for the first time in 2 months (after I fell off the bike and broke my arm). So I sympathise with you there.

    Well done, Andrew

  4. I love the game of cricket but have never played a match in my life. In fact I’ve only tried batting once and it was a complete disaster. I received the same treatment that a 5-year old would get (slowly lobbed foam rubber balls) and still managed to get boweled out on the 2nd ball.

    “Cricket’s like baseball” my arse – it’s way harder than that…

  5. You’re living in the past man, hung up on some dropped catch from last Sunday maan! (Let’s just hope it’s the only one I drop all year). Did you see GW Bush having a bowl in Pakistan the other day? He’s got a better bowling action than JW Howard, which is kinda sad . .

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