Disability Agreement

I’m in Hobart at the moment for another round of hearings on the Commonwealth-State/Territory Disability Agreement (CSTDA), following on from some I went to in Brisbane last week. (It seems that unawares I flew in on the same plane as Princess Mary, which shows how unobservant I am) The next round of the CSTDA is in the early stages of being negotiated between the two tiers of government. One good feature of this Inquiry is that the hearings are getting good attendances from Senators, which indicates a degree of priority as well as interest for the issue.

The Inquiry has highlighted some of the major unmet needs of people with disabilities, which is due not just to a shortage of funding, but a lack of flexibility in how the funding can be used. It’s due to report in December, although it’s possible this may be deferred to early February. It will hopefully provide a useful input to the negotiations on the new Agreement.

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  1. Andrew, having an interest in the progress of that particular agreement I’d like to say thanks for keeping us updated from a senator’s perspective.

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