Dead Blogs

As anyone passing by this site in recent months would know, this blg has basically been dead for some time. But perhaps it’s just been resting.

When I saw a piece towards the end of last year by Jason Kottke called The Blog is Dead (long live the blog) – – it seemed apt. He, and others who responded, such as John Scalzi – – made the obvious point that blogging isn’t totally dead, but rather it – and many other things online – had rapidly changed and evolved, and continue to do so.

They are certainly far less prevalent, and many other things now serve the purpose that blogs once did. But they’re still out there here and there, and there are still some good ones.

All of which was a prompt for me to make a final exploration about whether or not to shut this one down for good, or have one more go at seeing if it might once again serve some purpose for me (and ideally for a few others). So I’ll have a shot at putting a few posts up over the next little while and see how it goes – I suspect i might even go right back to what I first tried to use it for, which was the old school online diary type thing about things I’ve done over the last few days. We’ll see

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