Days 37 & 38

Yesterday and today are a mixture of media seeking, policy releases and voter meeting.

I released some policies on child protection, which managed to achieve a small amount of media interest. Then I headed up to the Sunshine Coast for some campaigning up there, as well as doing some local media trying to focus on the importance of the Senate contest. The seats covering the Sunshine Coast are relatively safe Liberal and rarely mentioned amongst those possibly under threat. I had hoped this might mean a bit more interest in the Senate contest, which is obviously closely contested wherever in the state you might live. Then it was back to Brisbane, joining in for a little while with some of our volunteers handing out material outside Central station, before flying up to Cairns.

Today it’s campaigning in both Cairns and Townsville, including some media on the importance of the Senate to what happens on some crucial issues such as workplace relations. I’ll also be doing interviews on local Indigenous radio stations, where the lack of attention on Indigenous issues during the campaign will no doubt be raised. I’ll be back in Brisbane in the evening for another community meeting.

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  1. The latest polls are suggesting a landslide to Labor.

    This increases my expectation that the Liberals and Nationals will lose 2 or 3 seats in the Senate.

    I think we will see seats going to Greens, Democrats, Pauline Hanson and Labor.

    Howard has been up in Queensland campaigning his heart out in marginal seats – might as well not bother.

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