Dam rally

The people facing the flooding of their communities by the Beattie Government’s mega-dam on the Mary River are certainly not giving up.

There is a rally being held tonight at the Show Pavillion in Gympie from 6.30 pm, which I am going along to.

It sounds obvious, but it is still an important point to make – the most essential part in winning a campaign against bad government decisions is not to give up. Governments rely on making people feel there’s no way they can stop something as a key element in their strategy to overcome opposition.

There’s plenty of arguments against this dam and actions I will take to try to stop it, but in some ways the most important thing is for the people who are in the direct firing line to know they are not fighting the battle alone.

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  1. Andrew Bartlett:
    One good thing about this dams business is that the confiscation of land for them will get the public used to the idea of abrupt and widespread cofiscation of private property. It is an idea that we will all have to get used to …. now that so much of Australia and its productive assets have been flogged off, the wants of the new owners will henceforth take precedence over those of mere citizens and unimportant land-holders.

  2. Good on you Andrew. I don’t know if you watch the Sunrise program on channel 7, but lately they have been pushing for recycled water. They had an expert on yesterday, saying that recycled water is more likely to be safer than water that comes straight from a dam and through the normal reticulation system. This is because of the stringent double treatment process and the rigorous testing that would be carried out.

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