Common Ground forum on climate change in Sydney

I’ve got another speaking engagement coming up next week in Sydney. On Wednesday 26th November, at Customs House in Sydney I’ll be part of a panel at a forum discussing actions on climate change.

It’s organised by the Centre for Policy Development.  It is one of their ‘Common Ground’ forums – a concept seeks to encourage public debates that explore areas of agreement to “shine a spotlight on areas where there is potential to move beyond false divides and tired old debates to achieve real change,” rather than have people argue pre-determined polarised positions.

The forum is timed in the lead up to the release of the federal government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme White Paper.

The main speakers will be former NSW Premier, Bob Carr and NSW Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Pru Goward, along with a panel  made up of Fiona Wain (Environment Business Australia), Steve Hatfield-Dodds (former CSIRO, now Department of Climate Change), Imam Afroz Ali (from the ‘Australian Religious Response to Climate Change’ initiative) and me.

If you’re in Sydney on that date and interested in attending, you can register online at this link.

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  1. I fear you will be used,and set up as well,the group you are with that night represent some of the greatest self-preening efforts for all time in Australia.They are shy of practicising watch you preach. And the real difficulty isn’t a forward program,to endlessly talk,but to allow some choices to be made.I went to a DIY site last night growing your own biofuel using Algae,and there is no difficulty there,at all so algae growing via carbon dioxide emissions from coal fired power stations is really just around the corner .Then I bought Hard Evidence Magazine Nov,Dec.2008 Page 27, where a U.S.A. agricultural researcher and his modified but safe organisms are just closer around the corner.With a name like J.C. Bell…well.And a free plug for myself,saving a silo from a fate worse than the firemen not knowing what to do,where pumping in nitrogen was the only way to put out the implosion…a certain Cootamundra wattle could of been thrown in too after reading the J.C.Bell story.And thats if we ,Australians are going to continue to use fuels as they seem now.Jatropha growing in Australia seems also a good bet.And nail polish remover gets a gong in the news today.But steel wool doesnt…and a little experiment involving those two…I wonder.Its enough to make my hernias blow out more to think,maybe no-one has got the guts to ask something of nail polish remover and coal as it is now.So you are going to a Policy Development Conference,and only the C.S.I.R.O. individual is possibly the only one who is proficient in the energy language..the rest will be gobbly-gook addressing a problem,that doesn’t exist.No matter how many corrall drills,there is an alternative suggesting for those historical correlates.They might be better off drilling some holes in the Reef mentioned in Australasian Science deep inland.I am feeling rip off with that lot.Sorry Andrew! Goward to me is a two legged Talkfest,and doesn’t seem adequately capable of knowing anything except a waterfall of words

  2. The news of the solar panel close down,and Western Australia’s go ahead and mine Uranium,seems another tiring day of tolerating,F.De Witt family and friends. It is also probably likely,we can do without BP now as a commercial moral guardian of the environment!? Hooray! And the jobs! I am not in one! The prospects of me working in a Uranium mine anywhere are not calculateable as positive,and no doubt, the Murdoch Press thinks it is wonderful too. Ziggy the Sitcom rather than the website,conferred his wisdom in maxima to all and sundry,who are feeling the earth move under their feet,as the prospects of competitive uranium hang around as theme park news to cover some other problem in W.A. or Australia.Ferguson is chewing his Aspartame gum and eyeballing all the men going to work,because his wife wants a she has to be divorced.Seeing even tit meld quality nuclear treatment can be shown the door with a big boot,now,because there have been alternatives for some time.Ferguson only recognises boots. And the Liberals are happy with their simplicity,and we must all follow the leader.Garrett understood something about the Liberals winning the State election.What a brilliant leader.Garrett you are brilliant.Just brilliant!There is also a metal franger type thing ,from the U.S.A. that has been accepted by that government,improves performance,so all the teenagers around the place will want one,and,it curbs the emissions as well,by putting it on your exhaust .Vrooom! Try. KeeleyNet.comwhatsnew Google those words and try computer literacy if you cannot find it.

  3. whooo phillip you really know how to get a point across
    but for me bring on global warming i hope to have my own water front property soon .

  4. Red Crab:

    When I was little girl, I learnt this from the bible and from a Sunday School song.

    “The foolish man built his house upon the sand.”

    I would never consider buying a waterfront property, due to the risk from King tides and tidal waves (tsunamis). If the sea level rises, what then?

    If you buy a house on the waterfront of a river, it could get washed away in a flood. The Brisbane River broke its banks in floods in 1892 and 1974.

    There was some flooding of low lying areas of Brisbane due to recent heavy downpours.

    If your comment was meant to be tongue in cheek regarding waterfront property, what about all of the houses that would be inundated first?

    Phil is right. We need to think more about metal franger type things that reduce emissions, new uses for algae etc, and not resort to extremism, which might see us all dead much more quickly.

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