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The opinions expressed in the comments section of Bartlett’s Blog are entirely the responsibility of the various contributors. I accept no liability for them or the content of links included in them.

A key purpose of this site is to encourage participation in political debate and questioning. Anyone who wants to participate in any of the discussions through the comments facility is encouraged to do so, provided they adhere to this comments policy.

The intention of having comments is to encourage participation and open expression of opinions. This includes trying to ensure no one is discouraged from contributing due to vilification or overly offensive or agrressive comments from others. To assist with this, please observe the following rules:

  1. Ensure your comment is relevant to the discussion at hand – if you wish to comment or ask a question ‘off-topic’ either indicate clearly you are doing so at the beginning of your comment or use my email address to contact me directly.
  2. Feel free to disagree or criticize the argument or the content of my postings, but do not engage in personal attacks on other contributors.
  3. Please use your judgement in not posting extremely long comments, especially ones that are mainly cut and pastes of large slabs of words from other articles.
  4. While you are free to contribute to as many discussions as you wish, please do not post the same comment in more than one discussion thread.
  5. Comments containing more than one URL link will be subject to moderation to reduce the possibility of spam. Please ensure any links are relevant to the discussion.
  6. Comments that are clearly offensive, repetitious, meaningless, or contain clear errors of fact may be deleted – particularly if the commenter is a regular offender.
  7. Your comment will be deleted if the moderator believes it contains:
    • Direct incitement to violence
    • Criminal defamation
    • Flagrant vilification
    • Systemic abuse or highly offensive language with no substantive content

Commenters who repeatedly breach this policy or submit comments which are repeatedly off-topic, deliberately aimed at disrupting debate, make personal attacks, as well as other forms of trolling may be permanently blocked from commenting.

If the writer of a deleted comment wishes to challenge such an action they can email me separately.

— Andrew Bartlett

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  1. Isabella and I wish you all the best tomorrow Andrew.

    We can’t wait to see you a Senator again.


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