Changing Times

In the past I’d write an angry blog post on refugee rights. Now I just tweet that the ALP & Coalition both suck big time on refugee rights.

(and then post the tweet on my blog)

Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if the comment thread contains statements that are little more than a carbon copy of comments posted here on this topic literally hundreds of times on this site over the 7+ years since it started, ignoring the facts and corrections that have repeatedly been provided.

(and speaking of changing times, how outdated is the term “carbon copy”? There must be heaps of people who have never even seen carbon paper, except maybe in the old fashioned paper receipt books that still survive here and there)

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  1. why do we go on so much about peoples rights i was always thought that to have rights one had to accept the responsibility’s that go with any rights
    its about time people were informed more of there responsibility’s as much as there are informed of there rights

  2. When I went to a meeting of the National Seniors of Australia, the Leagues Club asked me to sign their book, and I also got a receipt from the NSA for the purchase of a badge. Both had carbon copies as proof of having signed in or paid a fee.

    I would like to see more younger people in particular keep their ATM receipts and dockets from every purchase of goods or tickets and to check them carefully for mistakes. Keeping good tabs on the GoCard via the internet is also recommended to avoid being ripped off.

    In the days of the carbon copy, typists actually got a rest from using their keyboards to make necessary corrections, and occupational overuse syndromes were comparatively rare.

  3. red crab – you might be better able to discuss this topic if you were to find out what responsibilities people lived up to later in their lives whose parents, or who themseves, came to Australia as refugees, and who were fed, watered and protected, as is our human duty, and to which protection they have every right, as human beings, no matter what colour or creed. People have been doing that very thing in Australia for many, many years, and their chldren are today your doctors, your dentists, your accountants, your town plnners, your engineers, your horticulturalists, your bus drivers, your aged care workers, etc. They pay us back a thousand-old, and when we are old and sick we have the right to expect that they care for us — and they do. They have the right to be treated with dignity, even if they are not refugees within the meaning of our own Immigration Act, and they have the right to expect equal treatment to the rest of us.

  4. Red Crab:

    Then I guess you would really support Everald Crompton’s suggestion that we need a Bill of Responsibilities of Citizenship. Everald is the former Chairman of the National Seniors of Australia, currently employed by the Labor government to advocate for the employment of the over-50s.

  5. well appy i have to agree with you with what you have stated but for one very small point you forgot there’s no doubt there are all those good people that you mentioned in our community giving back sometimes way more than they were given and we are grateful for them.
    but what about the others that don’t do anything and the ones that turn to crime etc .
    im old enough to know there is always two sides to ANY story and like the media you have chosen to write as to get a certain reaction or emotion .

  6. lorikeet
    yes i would but i think it should be instilled from day one of education
    if people started being responsible for there actions and stop blaming every one else.

  7. Yes, Red Crab, but the government has used selfish attitudes and an overemphasis on rights to divide the people in order to conquer them in the workplace and general community.

    I think a lot of psychologists teach people to blame others for everything, but this doesn’t help anyone, but I guess prolonging someone’s suffering keeps their pockets well lined.

    While the media keeps helping the government to ramp up racial and religious prejudices, they are deflecting their attention from other matters as well as working towards the complete elimination of religion.

  8. personally i cant see any problem with the control of religion in this country i think that religion is the cause of most of mankind’s problems with each other in the world do we really need that here .

  9. Red Crab:

    Freedom of Religion is one of the cornerstones of democracy, along with Freedom of Speech. It is my belief that the media is doing the government’s bidding and deliberately creating an excuse to take away individuality and superimpose a Corporate Belief System on the masses. The reverse situation is also applicable.

    This fits in perfectly with the increasing power base of corporates over both government and people. While we need to ramp up immigration to support an ageing population, we don’t need corporates paying slave wages or the associated problems this is producing.

    Once duopolies and triopolies own and/or control pretty much everything, citizens’ rights will be lost.

    I urge everyone to check dockets when they come out of supermarkets. In recent times, I have found that they are still charging more than the shelf price or advertised price 5 days into their catalogue sale period.

    This tells me that:

    1. People are not asserting their consumer rights by demanding their money back on overcharged items (item is then free).

    2. It is more lucrative for supermarkets to give refunds to the few people who challenge price discrepancies, while most people are still paying too much.

    I have found that while Coles and the Supa IGA give me the product/s for free with a friendly smile, Woolworths workers have a cold attitude towards customers asserting their consumer rights. Without exception, they seem to have been taught that the customer is some kind of “thief”.

    When I was in the Woolworths store in Brisbane CBD yesterday, the young shop assistant even asked me if I required a receipt. So I think the tendency is towards young people rejecting dockets and not checking what they have been charged. This is a potentially dangerous financial situation which needs to be addressed.

    I am also concerned about the new Tap and Go Credit Cards which are:

    1. open to skimming.
    2. take away shop assisants’ jobs.

    When I go shopping, I never go through the self-service checkouts. Sadly, the Big W (also owned by Woolworths) have managed to convince some young employees that self-service will CREATE JOBS!!

    Last night’s TV news told us that Bob Katter and Nick Xenophon are working together to try to stop supermarkets from ripping off both farmers and consumers.

  10. Lorikeet – what do you mean the media are workign toward the complete eradication of religion? How do you think this is being done? Why would it be something someone wants done? What is your evidence?

  11. Appy:

    As you would be aware, Rupert Murdoch owns the lion’s share of the media holdings in this country. If he constantly prints and screens religious warfare, people may automatically think this is the norm and want religion to die a hard death. Most Muslims are peace loving people, but they are often portrayed on national television in a negative light.

    I had to tell a man named Steve Barber from the Tea Party Movement that his assertion that there were only 2 types of Muslim (an atheist and a terrorist) was completely wrong. I heard he was thrown out of the TPM due to extremism not long after. In the USA, he said he had had bullets whistling past his ears.

    If Rupert Murdoch should decide to continue screening segments on his current affairs programs which falsely accuse Muslims of having all of the Christian symbols removed from hospital chapels, this could create religious and racial conflicts.

    Why would anyone want to wipe out religion? Answer: For their own financial gain.

    Evidence? As you may be aware, the corporate sector is gradually taking over Aged Care with the help of the Slave Labour Trade implemented by Kevin Rudd (and continued by Julia Gillard).

    This is where all of the Aussie nurses are driven out of the corporate sector by dreadful wages, and replaced by underpaid slaves, some of whom have told me they are being denied Citizenship to lock them into both slavery and penury.

    The Productivity Commission has also recommended a High Care bond which would require most aged care residents to put reverse mortgages on their homes to gain entry.

    I believe the next move will be to tax the churches out of existence, to completely remove them from aged care centres, hospitals and schools. Then the federal government will corporatise them fully, with everyone having to pay fees for every service.

    There is already conflict in Aged Care between Centrelink Pensioners and Superannuants, because the latter profit from other people’s illness and infirmity.

    I believe Australians will agree to corporatisation of everything (perhaps without complete knowledge of the accompanying dreadful wages and high charges), in the false hope of a higher return on their superannuation or shareholder investments.

    Instead of this happening, I think we are already seeing corporates use most of the profits to further their own financial empowerment. I think they have been aided by both Labor and Liberals in this regard.

    As stated previously, Labor is also continuing to bring in “Guest Workers” from the Pacific Islands to work on the land. The National Farmers’ Federation won the right NOT to pay penalty rates in 2009.

    Would you consider yourself a guest in a foreign country, if their own workers got paid more than you did? Or would you feel like little more than a financially abused slave?

    This leads us to examine why farmers want to pay low wages. It’s because they are getting such a low return on their produce from huge corporations such as Woolworths and Wesfarmers (Coles), while the customers get ripped off. To my knowledge, the agricultural and grazing industries are also being corporatised by driving out the smaller players.

    As you may be aware, a lot of smaller egg producers are also being driven out of the market by corporates. The last I heard, there were only 2 or 3 primary egg producers in Australia.

    It might help if everyone emailed their federal MPs and asked for large stakeholders in any business to be required by law to have their name on the door and on all documentation used by that business.

  12. We must also be aware that superannuation contributions are rising from 9% to 12% over 6 years. This of course involves the transfer of money from small business and government into the corporate sector.

    It is my belief that the retirement age will soon be lifted to 75. In the future, many people will die without ever collecting a return on their superannuation investment. This is what the future holds under both Labor and Liberal governments.

    I think young people would be better off using that 12% compulsory saving to buy their homes and raise their children, as per the Singapore model.


    Are you trying to tell us you got bitten by a savage dog before you managed to board the boat that was to take you to your favourite oil rig for a spot of fishing? Or did the men in white put you back in a psychiatric hospital again?

  13. Hell, Ken’s caught rabies from the savage dog, which caused him to rocket away from the boathouse at lightning speed. That should teach him to leer through windows unexpectedly, when others are practising their Shakespeare.

  14. Ken, the best way to winkle the mensarians out of the woodwork is to pose them a word problem. Something along the lines of

    “One slightly-left-of-centre political blogger takes 273 posts to explicate the intricacies, irrationalities and hypocrisies of Australian refugee policy. How long can regular commenters on this blog continue to demand answers to questions that have already been thoroughly and repeatedly canvassed & documented?”

    PS not thinking of birds, but lower organisms.

  15. Intelligent people don’t waste their time bean-counting. On one blog, that’s all one poster does.

    Now Ken has paddled his way up a meandering watercourse, while sitting on a soft cushion and reciting the same dirty jokes over and over.

    I wonder when he will get the stitches taken out of his butt???

  16. One likes the trees but is not keen on green,
    One goes in water to swim upstream.

    I’m sure you are enjoying sitting on your soft cushion having a good chuckle Ken. Thanks for providing something to stimulate some thought.

  17. im back life is good
    i wonder if the govt will give me one of them free smoke,s today.

    if so i want won of them good ones that make,s the world a better place for a short while .

  18. it would seem that those closest to the ground have the ability to see the truth . and as in politics it would seem a safe place to be at this point in our history .
    the high flyers have a very long way to fall.
    and gess who will be there to collect the bits .

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