Budget replies

Usually most of the politicians stream out of Canberra on Thursday night in a Parliamentary sitting week, hoping to spend the Friday back in their electorates or on other business. However, this week, most stayed back for the speeches replying to the Budget.

Kevin Rudd’s focus on funding trades in schools seems to have got most of the attention. Like the Budget itself, there were some good components, but I was disappointed that – as with Mr Costello’s speech – there was no mention at all of the need to give priority to inequality faced by Indigenous Australians, or a commitment to fix some of the serious structural problems underlying the entrenched housing affordability crisis.

It is understandable for the attention to be on Mr Rudd’s speech, but there were also speeches in reply in the Senate from the Democrats, Greens and Family First.

I’ve also had another shot at doing a piece for YouTube on what the Budget really looks like – click here if you want to have a look.

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  1. Lynn Allison’s comment – “. . . grab bag of cheques in the mail” has a strangely familiar ring to it.

    What was it? What was she referring to, I wonder? Not our esteemed leader’s past potentials, surely.

    Ah dunno. Voting Democrat seems to be the only productive use left of my micro voting power.

  2. There is something rotten in the state of Australian politics indeed, Andrew. But what an entertaining Elliot Goblet-like performance you gave in your video: so straight-faced all the way through to the “drop”, but the delicious part was the overall message afterwards.
    The structure of Senate Committees is indeed weak and ineffectual, which considering the Senate’s supposed “House of Review” function is a trifle disturbing. Your video makes me continue to question the nature of Senate election – yes you get six years once you’re in, but because of the conduct of the HoR and Cabinet regarding policy and legislation, what can you really get done, especially in your case, where you are under pressure from all sides? I certainly appreciate your sentiment, and once again I hope the people of Queensland realise the quality of your performance and allow you to continue on after July ’08. If only being a Senator weren’t so much about working the electorate, and more about working for the whole of Australia, with more time to scrutinise legislation and less pressure to answer to people just because they’re from your state. We’ll figure it out one day…

    Dave Couper

  3. Thanks for the youtube vid Andrew,
    I greatly appreciate your endeavours to provide insight into how Gov’t works, beyond the million miles of spin…

  4. At first I thought the video was poorly framed, and couldn’t work out your head was so off-center.

    All becomes clear. :)

  5. No doubt the volume of paperwork associated with the Budget inhibits analysis to a large extent, but nevertheless I’m always surprised about how little attention it seems to get in the media or even from politicians. This is our money they’re spending, and in most non-election years the Budget is the most important single thing the Parliament does.

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