Brisbane climate change forum

climate change

Last Tuesday night, I was part of an election forum on climate change with the other two main candidates for the seat of Brisbane.  It was quite well attended, and included media representatives from the Courier-Mail, Brisbane Times and ABC Online. It also used a question format where people wrote down their questions and then had a moderator group them in topics and ask them, rather than questions straight from the floor.  I prefer the written question format, as questions form the floor often turn out to be mini-speeches. It also helps to filter out obvious dorothy dixers.

The anonymous post-forum feedback from the audience, gave me the most positive assessment – although I’d have to say I wouldn’t be much chop as a Greens candidate if I couldn’t win a debate about climate change. It is interesting to see leaflets now circulating in my electorate from both Labor and the LNP which each attack the other’s record on climate change and seek the number 2 preferences from people who are voting Greens. This is very reminiscent of Labor’s ultimately successful strategy at the 1990 election of openly asking for the 2nd preferences of Democrat and other environmentally concerned voters. It says to me firstly that both parties have basically conceded the ground on climate change to the Greens, and also that there is likely to be a sizeable primary vote for the Greens (which obviously I hope turns out to be true).

You can listen to climate change forum.

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