Best blog posts of 2008

Once again this Club Troppo and Online Opinion have joined to reproduce a collection of  some of the best blog posts of 2008

They are featuring regularly at Online Opinion throughout January.

I’ve had some of my pieces published in the collection in previous years. I didn’t expect to have a piece featured this year, as my blogging in 2008 was less frequent and more fractured than previously. However, one of my pieces is featured today – written back in March 2008, dealing with the pre-Olympics debates about human rights in China, and drawing some parallels with Zimbabwe (and Berlin in 1936).

The debate about sanctions and boycotts will always be a vexed one, but the fact that all this time later, the major human rights abuses continue unabated in both China and Zimbabwe, suggests that whatever strategy is adopted, it is a difficult and slow process to turn these things around.

(Please leave any comments on the issue over at the Online Opinion piece.)

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