Belated baby photo!

I had an unexpected reminder when I opened today’s Courier-Mail of just how cute my daughter was as a baby. An unnamed uncredited photo of my daughter at one day old with her tiny fingers wrapped around my thumb, was used to illustrate a story (syndicated from the Daily Mail) about older men fathering children. The newspaper obviously just used a stock newborn baby photo from their archives, but I recognised it because I have a framed copy of the exact same photo sitting in my living room.

She was born during the 2001 election campaign, so the local paper sent a photographer to get a few photos at the time in case they decided it was newsworthy enough. It turned out they decided it wasn’t – another case of me not being suitably gushing enough in the interview I suspect – but they gave me a copy of the photo to keep anyway. It’s rather ironic they didn’t think it was worth running at the time, when there was actually a story attached to it, but they use it all those years later to illustrate a completely unrelated story. I wonder if they’ve used it on other occasions without me being aware of it. Maybe she should ask for retrospective modelling fees!

PS This is the same baby who about a week after this picture was taken (and not run) got front page coverage over a number of days squirming in Natasha Stott Despoja’s arms when one of the hundred of so photos being snapped of her caught her pulling an anxious face. I had to cope with my one week old daughter getting about a hundred times more media exposure in her own right than I managed when I was trying to get myself re-elected – another reminder that the mass media never was my forte.

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  1. I see your tiny-fingers-wrapped-around-thumb photo and I raise you
    Babies have a way of getting attention… it is after all their only survival mechanism. I’m wondering when my soon to be 4 year old will grow out of the ability.

  2. Andrew, what a precious little bundle- she’s really hanging on isn’t she? I just love babies(kids too)? They’re so gorgous when they’re tiny-it’s a shame they grow up so quick. She’s a big girl of 7 now, and still gorgeous I’m sure! I have a grandson the same age, and he melts my heart with a smile every time.

  3. What’s wrong with people? I’d have thought there’d be more comments about this precious little girl and her lovely dad? Oh well, maybe that’s a sign of the times. I think this is one of the most lovely images there is.
    My little 5 year old grand-daughter rang me yesterday, to tell me of her wonderful holiday in Fiji with her brother, sister, mum and dad. I’m always amazed at how articulate and ‘knowing’ they are at such a young age. She, and her 2 older siblings fill my heart with a joy that transcends even music. We must make sure they have a future. That’s my quest!

  4. I’m reminded of an episode of The Simpsons where the family is waiting for baby Maggie to say her first word. Homer Simpson offers one of his pearls of wisdom. “The sooner kids talk, the sooner they talk back.” I hope you haven’t been witness to this too much Andrew!

    There’s some magic about when your child is a newborn that you don’t encounter in other parts of life. Great photo.

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