Bill to establish a National Commissioner for Children introduced into the Senate

Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett has introduced a Bill into Parliament to establish an independent National Commissioner for Children.

"With no political voice of their own, the rights of children are often ignored or marginalised," Senator Bartlett said.

"A Children’s Commissioner would ensure that the needs, views and rights of people under the age of eighteen are recognised and promoted.

"Along with promoting the rights of children, the Commission would monitor and review laws, policies and practices which impact on service provision for children.

"There has been a groundswell of community support for such an initiative over many years now with community groups, child abuse advocates and many politicians advocating a greater need for child protection and the recognition of children’s rights.

"Australia is seriously lagging behind other western countries in child protection. Britain has had an independent Commissioner for Children for three years, and most Australian states also have established a similar position.

"Child protection must be a national priority and I call on the federal government to implement their policy by supporting this legislation," Senator Bartlett concluded.

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