Stolen Generation Compensation Bill sent to Senate Committee

Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett has successfully referred his Stolen Generation Compensation Bill 2008 for scrutiny by the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee.

The Bill seeks to implement a reparations process for victims of the Stolen Generation, based on recommendations from the decade old Bringing them Home report.

"I strongly urge anyone interested in the issue of formal compensation for the Stolen Generations to make a submission to the Inquiry," Senator Bartlett said.

"With the Labor government showing a lack of interest in addressing the neglect of the previous Coalition administration towards the recommendations of the Bringing Them Home report, and continuing public hostility in some quarters, it is vital for those who support compensation to make their case to the Senate Committee.

"If people in the community who support compensation do not make the case now, the opportunity could well be lost for good."

"Past Government policy removing children from their homes, families and county has had a devastating effect not only on those directly removed, but on their families through generations and whole communities both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

"The formal apology to the Stolen Generation was a wonderful and overdue action. But there is still unfinished business. It’s way past time to properly right this wrong," Senator Bartlett concluded.

The Legal and Constitutional Committee has been charged with examining the Bill’s proposed compensation model and it will look at existing Australian and international compensation models. The Committee will review any relevant recommendations of the Bringing Them Home report and is due to report in June 2008.

Further information regarding the Inquiry will shortly be found here:

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