Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett has welcomed the establishing today of a Senate inquiry into housing affordability.

"I have been urging for years for the federal parliament to give more attention to the long-standing and growing crisis in housing affordability," Senator Bartlett said.

"This inquiry should allow an open and thorough examination of this crucial issue which is hurting millions of Australians across all parts of the country."

"It is impossible to ignore the massive hypocrisy of the Liberal Party, which used its Senate majority while in government to take over the Chairing of all Senate Committees and block a whole range of proposals for major Senate inquiries, yet in its first week in Opposition it uses that same majority to establish inquiries into issues they ignored while in government.

"However, regardless of the gross hypocrisy, the Senate Committee system provides a real opportunity to give the public a say and assist all governments in developing solid policies to reverse the housing affordability crisis,” Senator Bartlett concluded.

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