Burmese refugees on Nauru must be brought to Australia

Democrats’ immigration spokesperson Andrew Bartlett has supported the growing calls for the federal government to immediately bring to Australia the seven Burmese refugees who are on being kept on Nauru.

Senator Bartlett, who spoke with the men during a visit to Nauru in April this year, said it was simply prolonging the men’s suffering for no purpose to keep them stuck on Nauru.

“The whole world is now being reminded of the brutality of the Burmese regime, and the specific persecution experienced by the Rohingyan ethnic minority which these men belong to is well document,” Senator Bartlett.

“There is no doubt that the Burmese men on Nauru are refugees, and there is also no doubt that they cannot be safely returned to Malaysia where they previously lived in an insecure and unsafe situation.”

“It is now well over a year since these refugees were forcibly sent to Nauru by the Australian government.”

“Once again the federal government’s assurances about quick processing and resettlement of asylum claims has been shown to be just more hot air.”

“The so-called ‘culture change’ in the Immigration Department is turning out to be yet another massively expensive, taxpayer funded public relations con-job. The culture can’t change until the government changes their unjust migration laws and their unjust policies,” Senator Bartlett concluded.

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