Scrap Traveston Dam and Use The Money on Reliable, Enviornmentally Friendly Solutions

Queensland Democrat Senator Andrew Bartlett has renewed calls for the Beattie government to scrap Queensland’s wasteful Traveston dam proposal in the wake of his decision to cancel the plebiscite on recycled water.

"Now that the Premier has made the sensible choice to scrap the plebiscite and get on with recycling as he should have done years ago, he should also take the opportunity to implement another common sense and overdue decision and scrap the destructive, expensive and unreliable Traveston dam proposal," Senator Bartlett said.

"Premier Beattie has saved the taxpayer an estimated $10 million dollars by cancelling the vote and he could save almost $2 billion more by scrapping the dam.

"The federal government should not be providing funding for any of Queenslands water infrastructure plans until it is clear that other money is not going be wasted on the Traveston Crossing dam.

"Savings from ditching the dam could go to increasing support for more cost-effective and reliable measures.

"There must be a strong focus in the South-East corner on fixing our ageing and unreliable infrastructure and encouraging the installation of rainwater tanks in order to make ourselves more self-reliant.

"We cannot continue to rely on the provision of environmentally and economically unsound infrastructure such as dams that have been proven to be unreliable when it comes to meeting our growing water needs, Senator Bartlett concluded.

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