Letter to the Editor – The Australian – Democrats Future

I categorically refute the statement accredited to me in your editorial of the 7th July. Not only have I never said that the Queensland Democrats will abandon the rest of the party, I specifically refuted it when I was questioned about the possibility by a reporter from your newspaper

This distortion of the truth matches much else in the editorial, which misrepresents the Democrats record and achievements, past and present. The public record in the Senate and at many elections is sufficient to categorically disprove the central canard of your editorial that the Democrats stopped ‘offer(ing) practical ideas on the issues that matter most to a majority of voters: tax reform and economic growth.

Your editorial was right to bemoan the paucity of serious thinkers in politics today who make a genuine contribution to the policy debate, which makes your attack on the Democrats all the more absurd as we are all still making a ‘genuine contribution’. Just because your Editorial writer cannot or will not recognise the innumerable examples showing the Democrats have never stopped playing this role does not make their assertions a reality.

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