Democrats Welcome Pooh Corner Conservation Deal

Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett has welcomed the announcement by the Parliamentary Secretary of Defence, Teresa Gambaro, that the land at Pooh Corner on the south-west edge of Brisbane will be given to the Brisbane City Council to manage as a conservation reserve.

This is wonderful news that should lead to the preservation of increasingly rare bushland in Brisbane, said Senator Bartlett said. I inspected this site just yesterday, and it is clear that it would be a great benefit to all of Brisbane to preserve this area for its historical value as well as its environmental amenity. Ive lived in Brisbane all my life and have seen how much land has been cleared for urban development just in the last 20 years. The Centenary region just to the north of Pooh Corner is a classic example of this.

If you had told me a month ago that there were still kangaroos living within the Brisbane City Council boundaries, I wouldnt have believed you, but I was able to see them for myself at Pooh Corner.

It is a pity that the Defence Department didnt take this sensible approach from the start. It seems they still havent learned the lessons from the appalling approach they took to selling environmentally valuable land at Point Nepean in Victoria.

However, the good news to come out of this unnecessary saga is that the land, which had been allowed to become somewhat degraded, should now end up in far better condition than it would have been if it had just stayed in Government hands.

The onus will now be on the Brisbane City Council to make sure the area is properly managed, but I am sure that the people who fought to save this land will also make sure the Council lives up to its responsibilities.

The State Labor Government and the Brisbane City Council should also be congratulated on helping add to the pressure on Ms Gambaro to take this action. However, the Qld Governments willingness to support preserving this bushland stands in stark contrast to their action last year in selling off bushland to developers on Brisbanes northside which the City Council also wanted to preserve.

Special congratulations should go to those community members who fought so hard to protect this land and make others aware of what was at risk. There is no doubt this outcome would not have happened without their efforts.

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