Bartlett Rocks on Stage Against Howard

Australian Democrats Leader and lapsed rocker Senator Andrew Bartlett will be performing on stage tonight at the Arena in Brisbanes Fortitude Valley as part of the "Rock Against Howard" series of concerts.

Senator Bartlett donated a track from his 1980’s Brisbane band "Too Green For Summer" for the Rock Against Howard CD and will be part of a band playing a brief set in support of Aussie rockers Frenzal Rhomb and The Herd.

At the show in Sydney tomorrow his band will include Democrats candidate for Wentworth and ex-Go Betweens drummer, Lindy Morrison, plus another ex-Go Between Amanda Brown and former Hoodoo Gurus bass player, Clyde Bramley, along with Brisbane singer/songwriter Phil Monsour.

The band will be performing "I Don’t Believe It", the track that is featured on the "Rock Against Howard" double CD which is raising money for refugee causes.

"Although "I Don’t Believe It", was recorded over 15 years ago, it’s very appropriate for today as Australia currently has one of the most dishonest governments in our history, said Senator Bartlett.

"A grossly dishonest government undermines the foundations of democracy. We have to defend democracy, not because it sounds like a nice thing to do, but because democracy is the foundation of freedom."

Frenzal Rhomb front man Lindsay McDougall says that Bartlett has spent the best part of the 20 years "trying to make himself look like a respected person" and is prepared to let it all hang out because he feels so strongly about the removal of Howard (Daily Telegraph, 16/09/04), describing Bartlett as a "reverse Peter Garrett".

Australian Democrats have also launched a number of internet mini-movies including "Truth about War" to highlight the lies around the decision to go to war against Iraq. "Truth About War" using the song "Angels of Death", an original song by another former Brisbane band of Bartletts, The Cutters.

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