Regular readers of this blog may recall that I placed a bet on an albatross race a couple of months ago. The race involved 17 young birds and was an effort to raise funds and awareness about these birds and the threat to their survival. A couple of the updates I gave had my bird travelling OK. However, the latest update from the race organisers has stated that the “2005 Big Bird Race has ended in tragedy”. It appears that all contestants may have perished.

This is indeed a tragic outcome. This is a stark sign that the numbers of albatross are still at real risk of continuing decline. The Federal Government recently recommended the Black-browed Albatross for listing as vulnerable under Federal environment laws and it joins many other albatross and petrel species. The Government needs to do much better at meeting their responsibilities under the federal environment laws to achieve recovery of recognised threatened species. The recovery plan can be found at this site.

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