ABS report into not-for-profits

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has just released an interesting report into not-for-profit organisations.  It is a timely snapshot, given the current Senate Committee inquiry into charities and other not-for-profit organisations.

Some of the findings include:

At the end of June 2007, there were 40,976 not-for-profit organisations in Australia. Religious organisations accounted for 21.3% of all not-for-profit organisations, followed by Culture and recreation organisations which accounted for 20%.

Not-for-profit organisations employed 884,476 people.  In addition to paid employees, there were 2,434,815 volunteers during 2006-07. The majority of jobs were in social services organisations (over 27% of total employees), followed by Education and research organisations with 24.4%.

During the 2006-07 financial year, not-for-profit organisations received $74.5b in income.  Despite the reputation of the sector living mostly off government funding, only just over a third (34.1% or $25.4b) of total income came from federal, state and local government, the majority of which went to Education and research (32.4%) and Social services (26.5%) organisations.

Industry value added by these organisations was $35.1b for the 2006-07 financial year and capital expenditure was $8.5b for the same period.

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  1. I recall the Howard government cutting (or threatening to cut) funding to non-govt organisations – including charities – who spoke out against government policy. Have you heard anything about the new government changing that policy?

  2. Muzz

    The new government announced a social inclusion agenda and has a Parliamentary Secretary (Senator Ursula Stephens) specifically dedicated to the task. It is easy to be cynical and suspect that this is just window dressing – proof will be in the puding and all that – but none the less, the fact that they think its something worth even talking about is a good sign, and worth trying to hold them to it.

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