A feathered bouquet to the Beattie government

In case anyone thinks I never praise the state or federal governments, here’s a special word of praise to the Queensland government for pressing ahead with their promise to bring in legislation to amend the Nature Conservation Act to ban recreational duck and quail hunting in Queensland.The government had previously announced they would do this, but I hope people will pardon my cynicism in wanting to see if they would proceed with it after the election. The government has now announced they are introducing the legislation this week, so even though it still has to be passed, it’s sufficient to hand out some congratulations.

It is also worth congratulating the many people at community level who have campaigned for this change for many years, such as Animal Liberation Qld, RSPCA, WPSQ, Birds Australia and others. I got a motion passed through the Senate in 1998 calling for all states and territories to ban recreational duck hunting. It had already been banned in NSW and WA at that time, and ACT and now Qld has done it since. At this rate, we should be there by about 2020.

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  1. Pity. Duck shooting brings enjoyment to shooters and I can’t see why you oppose people being happy.

    If you oppose the death of animals for human enjoyment, then I shudder to think what your views are on government regulation regarding our diet.

    But consistency isn’t important when there are trendy lefty votes in the offing. Sigh.

  2. I think the biggest risk of recreational duck hunting is shooters accidentally injuring or killing one another.

    Years ago, my uncle was accidentally killed by a kangaroo hunter when he was taking a pleasant stroll through the bush.

    This left his widow to raise 3 young children on her own – one of whom was only 6 weeks old – after she had sat by his side watching helplessly as he died from a brain injury.

  3. Killing ducks isn’t the problem – deaths from shooting are minimal compared to natural wastage. The problem is that many ducks are injured and can’t be retrieved to be killed. Many of these die prolonged, painful deaths.

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