1. Yes, you wrote an interesting piece, certainly fairly close to what most informed people would have expected as the election outcome. Perhaps the voters were sick!

    A lot of people have said that there was NO ONE in their electorate they wanted to vote for. Some thought the idea of voting for DS4seq (a single policy party) was very frivolous in these harsh economic times.

    Yes, it was amazing that The Greens were able to run candidates in every electorate. I think they were being partly financed by their kissing cousins, Labor.

    I voted for Family First, followed by Liberals, even though I don’t like them, putting Labor incumbent last. Another stint of Anna Bligh and Labor stuffing up hospitals, schools etc was of NO INTEREST to me.

    It makes me wonder if someone rigged the election. The outcome has certainly left plenty of people scratching their heads in disbelief (but we must never underestimate the power of the pre-election handout).

    A successful merger between Liberals/Nationals is not all that unexpected. I think we can expect to see a merger of Labor/Greens in the future.

    Yes, I think Barnaby Joyce is an interesting man with some excellent opinions – definitely a keeper.

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