6 years of blogging

It’s been such a long time since I started this blog, and both I and the blog have been through so many transitions I’d forgotten what time of year it was that I started it. So it was a complete coincidence that I thought I might look to see when the first entry was, and discovered it was precisely six years ago.

I started this blog as an experiment and decided not to make a media announcement about it at the time, as I wanted to test out how feasible it was for a politician to make a blog work in a genuine way. I was Leader of the Democrats at the time, in the lead up to an extremely unsuccessful election – in fact it was the worst in the party’s history, at least until the even worse one in 2007 which saw the Democrats (including me) disappear from the federal Parliament altogether). So I’ve gone from leader to non-leader to non-Senator to out of party politics to back into party politics and back into another election (and I don’t think the blog can be blamed or cheered for significantly influencing any of those transitions).

One thing I think the blog has been successful at is being a fairly genuine reflection and insight into at least some aspects of my political and other activities and views. In some ways, it has been so genuine that to some extent it has reflected the ebbs and flows of my enthusiasm for the whole blogging thing, as well as showing the impacts from the evolution of other forms of online communication that have developed in that time.

The frequency of my posts on this blog are as low as they have ever been. Part of that may be due to my sometimes feeling that I am going over and over similar topics. This point is at least partly demonstrated by the fact that my very first blog post on 17 August 2004 was about asylum seekers, mandatory detention and a Bill of Rights – topics on which there has been little progress, and even some regression in some respects.

However, I think the main reason why I do fewer blog posts in recent times is due to the advent of Facebook and Twitter, neither of which existed six years ago.  I often used to build blog posts around interesting articles I’d read or things I’d been doing, but now I usually use Facebook and/or Twitter for those purposes and can do so much more quickly and without feeling so much like I should add a bunch of my own words to make it feel more substantive.

Anyway, if there is one thing that characterises blogging, it is the propensity to make people feel like they should blog about blogging. I think I’ve already done enough of that over the years, so I might take a fresh approach and head over to Twitter to tweet about it.

And there is this election thing happening on Saturday too, so I should probably also look at trying to encourage people to vote for me.

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  1. Indeed how those years have whizzed by since you and Natasha visited WoomeraImmigration Dention Centre which I think public pressure by yourself, Natasha Stott Despoja & many others got closed. Now Tony Abbott wants to revisit those failed policies which saw Cornelia Rau & Vivian Alvarez wrongly detained in those goddam detention centres. Look forward to many more years of you blogging…

  2. Please keep up the blog posts. By using the RSS feed the posts come to me so I can read them at work over lunch. Like many workplaces, Facebook and Twitter are blocked – so RSS is the only viable option during working hours…

  3. Congrats, mate. There are not that many blogsites where you can go to for a reliable take on some social and pol economic issue or other.
    As to this election, its proved astonishing, some of it.

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