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Perhaps it is indeed time to stop being so reasonable and get out there and really raise heck.

(Although the Greens didn’t preference Hanson ahead of the Dems, but they put her ahead of Family First. and they did put Non Custodial Parents ahead of the Dems, etc, but we’ve been through all that stuff back in the October blogs.)

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  1. Andrew,
    I’m surprised your bringing this up again. Hanson, as much as you dislike her is equal to family first. It’s a pity that in defending the democrat deal you seem to view Family first with Rose Coloured glasses. I have seen very little criticism of them, in fact I have seen more positive remarks than negative from you or any Democrats candidates of Family First.
    I’m glad that an above the line Green vote went to progressives first before the right wing. (I believe the custodial party was a blip – something I’m more likely to believe because it seems to have happened in one state only) rather than preferencing a right wing party in every state.

  2. Thanks for the mention Andrew, much appreciated.
    I’ve made the corrections in the comments section, I will adjust the main page as soon as blogger lets me.

  3. Damian the Coalition having control of both houses of parliament is worse than having a mix of minor parties – right, left or centre – holding the balance of power.
    Family First have policies I dont like, they also have policies I have no problem with. I haven’t had much to do with them personally but the few I’ve met haven’t bothered me undully.
    I dont like the way the Greens do politics and I haven’t found them to be overly honest or principled in the way they go about it. (That’s my personal opinion based on my own experience.)
    I’m much more worried about the right wing religious extremists within the Coalition – and they are the ones with the power now – already flexing their collective muscle.

  4. I think the Greens saw an opening and went for it. They wanted to be the outright 3rd party.
    They figured the ends justified the means and they attacked the dems & often. The Greens portrayed themselves as saints, people bought into it.
    I’d like to see the Greens go up to disabled carers and explain to them why the couldn’t be bothered showing up to the passing of the bill to increase their pay.
    Yulia, the god botherers within the LNP scare me too. There presence is higher than FF, therefore more dangerous.
    Just to digress, has anyone else noticed on how angry the left is. I’m impressed, it’s long overdue.
    There is a story breaking in Victoria. Some rich young libs allegedly were handing out fake how to vote green cards, dressed as green party workers. The left blog world is on fire over it.

  5. Jo, I’m just wondering how the Dems would have reacted if the Greens had preferenced FF ahead of the Dems. What would their reaction be. Of course the Greens attacked. I’m glad they did. In South Australia and NSW, FF and LFF would have been in with a real chance if the dems had double the vote they got.

  6. Yulia,
    Unfortunately the vote the Democrats got also show that a majority of people who used to vote for the Dems like me, dont like the way the Dems operate politically.
    We want a return to ethics. Not making deals with the like of (nuclear) families first.

  7. Steven
    If someone wants to specify why how the Democrats operate is any less ethical than the Greens or anyone else, I’d love to see it.
    What I’d to see in politics is more honesty and less humbug.
    Despite Damian once again getting his assumptions wrong about the consequences of higher votes and the preference flows, it’s good to see him admit that he is pleased the Greens attacked the Democrats after spending so long trying to suggest it barely happened. Of course if the Dem vote had been higher in places like Qld and NSW it would have helped the Greens, but the fact is that in both states they fell a long way short and of course there would have been a risk of Dems winning seats

  8. Despite Damian once again getting his assumptions wrong […], it’s good to see him admit that he is pleased the Greens attacked the Democrats after spending so long trying to suggest it barely happened.
    Andrew, no-one denies that the Greens attacked the Democrats preferences decisions. The problem is with your bizarre claim that the Greens attacked the Democrats right throughout the campaign and before when in fact the reverse is true.

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