In one of those wonderful pieces of election timing that make you wonder if the gods of politics have it in for me (yes, I do still think it’s an open question), the day I choose to make a final foray into Adelaide is also the day that Howard and Latham choose to make a final foray into Adelaide. No doubt they both got wind of the fact that I was going there and changed their schedules because of the threat that they believe I am posing to their campaigns. (that’s a joke by the way)

I still got some TV cameras turn up to record my words of wisdom, as well as people from the local paper, The Advertiser. What they will use out of it is another question. I also went for a meet and greet through the local Markets in the centre of the City – a good place to go to if you ever visit Adelaide. Two of our Senate candidates, John McLaren and Jenny Scott came along, as well as two of our House of Reps candidates and a State MP, Kate Reynolds, so we had quite a posse going through the place, trying to got out message across without getting in people’s way.

Not surprisingly, things to do with the election are crowding most other things out of my mind at present. However, I would rather like to write about something other than the election, as there’s plenty of that around. Also, I assume most people reading this would recognise that I would like them to vote Democrats on Saturday, especially in the Senate. It also rather likely that most people reading this are sufficiently engaged with politics that they already have a pretty clear idea of how they will vote – even in the Senate.

An old school friend of mine emailed me yesterday, letting me know he had already done a pre-poll vote for the Democrats. Nice of him to let me know (although if he’d told me anything to the contrary I would have berated him for the rest of his life, so he probably thought it was wise to tell me the ‘right thing’.) I used to be very good friends with this guy at school and for a few years afterwards we both hung out around 4ZZZ and Uni and surrounds. We even had two practice sessions in an effort to form a band – the only songs I recall from that brief attempt were two circular pattern tunes called ‘Walk/Don’t Walk’ and a potential chart-topper called ‘Cruel Taunts Kill Fat Ron’. The band practices went so well that he moved to Sydney to escape.

While he escaped to a relaxing life of poetry and the pseudo cool of the Sydney inner-city set of the 1980s, I stayed on bravely battling against the oppressive forces of the Bjelke-Petersen regime, keeping the flame of freedom burning in the all-encompassing darkness. And it seemed like too much hassle to move interstate anyway.

As tends to happen, we then had virtually no contact at all until December 2000. He had long since returned to Brisbane, now sort-of liberated. We reconnected and have maintained contact through the politically subversive activity of cricket, intermittently reminding myself of the massive decline that has occurred in whatever sporting prowess I possessed in my teenage years.

Anyway, this is a long-winded way of raising the fact that he suggested a range of non-political topics I could address here, so that I wasn’t just writing about politics. Some of these were quite good and some of them were highly dubious and of such a nature that I couldn’t write about them here without getting myself into trouble in the political world. In any case, I’ve written so much now that I’ll have to save some of them for another day.

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