Pig City launch and other distractions

We’re heading into the final week of the campaign, and I noted an item from Newspoll stating that 25% of people haven’t given much consideration to how they are going to vote yet. I imagine it’s far higher than that for people’s Senate vote. It’s time to start working even harder now.I was mildly surprised how totally uninterested I was in the Rugby League Grand Final. It reminded me of when I was growing up when the Brisbane competition was so strong (before the Sydney comp completely gutted it) – I’d have a passing interest in how the Sydney comp went, but really not much more than the English one. It felt just like another game in a Sydney comp to me – about as interesting as who wins the NSW Rugby Union club championship. However, I did end up watching the last 30 minutes or so – I didn’t even find myself wanting one team to win ahead of the other, which is a sure sign of non-interest (and I guess is a good example of what disinterest really means too).

I managed to spend some time at home on Sunday, which is always good. Probably won’t be back again until next Sunday, so had to make the most of it.

There’s been a new CD released which I’m keen to get my hands on called Original Seeds Vol 2. The first volume of this is a fabulous album, a compilation with a wide array of music by various artists who in some way or another have provided inspiration to Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. It was a good insight into many styles and eras. I’m hoping the new one is just as good (whilst being on guard against the inevitable let down that comes from over inflated expectations). I think the original is being re-released and the new one has tracks by Nina Simone, Harry Belafonte and The Stooges. There was a launch in Melbourne on Saturday I would have liked to have got to.

Instead, I went along to the launch of Pig City, a book on the Brisbane music scene (which rather wisely was launched in Brisbane). Saw a few people I hadn’t seen for some time, including a few from when I used to be heavily involved in 4ZZZ in the 1980s. The title of the book is taken from an iconic Brisbane song from the alternative music scene in around 1984 (I’m guessing that date).

I saw a guy who I’m sure used to be the singer in a band called The Vampire Lovers – they did a song called Buzzsaw Popstar which still sounds good today. He looked remarkably similar for 20 years on, but I’d swear it was him – still bleaching his hair and dressing rather similarly. I don’t think I ever met him and didn’t know his name, so I didn’t go up to ask.

I bought the book and listened to the speeches – it was good to listen to someone else have to speak for a change, although I didn’t find them overly fascinating, apart from Nick Earls who I’ve heard speak a couple of times before and who I always find entertaining. Nick’s a Brisbane writer who’s had a fair bit of success with books such as Bachelor Kisses and Zig Zag Street. I did a comedy debate with him once (or to be more precise against him) a few years back at QUT Carseldine campus.

I can’t remember what the topic was, but I remember he was quite funny (apart from when he took the piss out of me, which of course nobody found amusing in the slightest). In some ways, I think he’s a funnier speaker than writer, but his books are worth a read. I haven’t read the Pig City book yet – I’ll get around to it sometime soon, although I did have a quick check of the Index and it doesn’t mention me, so it probably isn’t that interesting. (That’s a joke by the way, in case anyone was wondering)

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