heading into the final week

Latham’s Medicare Gold stuff seems to have got some momentum behind it, (judging by some of the feeling of journos in the Press gallery anyway). Hard to know if it’s a grand idea with some flaws that need ironing out or a great sounding idea with no hope of working even remotely like they say it will or for the price they say it will. Needs more detail and depends on how the states, the hospitals, the health insurers, the health professions and other relate to it if they try to implement it -sounds like the perfect job for a constructive, independent Senate to me. We’ll have to wait and see if the electorate chooses to elect one.

Did comments on Labor’s policies. Also released our position on multiculturalism and how crucial it is to Australia having a secure and prosperous future. There was only a small bit of media interest – maybe I should have got some migrants to do a bungee jump.

Doing some final touches for our final, overall launch on Saturday. Launch is not really the best word to describe it, as it’s more a bringing together or culmination of what we’ve been doing, whereas ‘launch’ implies the start of something. I think heading into the final week is the right time to do it, especially for a Senate focused campaign, as the Senate hasn’t had much attention to date but people will need to start thinking about the Senate soon. Any suggestions for a better title than “Launch” are welcome. “Culmination” doesn’t quite work, neither does “zenith”.

So many words in the language and none of them seem quite right – I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere. Whatever you call it, I should be able to have a brief time at home on Saturday night, which will be nice. A book called ‘Pig City’ is being launched in Brisbane that night too, which I’m quite interested in seeing. It’s meant to outline Brisbane’s music history – from 6.30pm at the Powerhouse in New Farm.

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  1. Mate, there is only run reason that the democrats aren’t getting media interest, because they have blotted their copy book too much. Have a look back at Spot Destroyer, a truly incapable flippant leader with no policy. Another incident was the disaster of alcohol. Wink wink nudge nudge. Get back to keeping the bastards honest and the party might be successful again

  2. Why do we need to be multicultural to have a secure and prosperous future?
    Surely to be more secure we should have a bigger military and better intelligence services.
    To be more prosperous we should have lower taxes and less regulations on business.
    I fail to see how having a a few multicultural food festivals and some self-appointed ethnic leaders with their snouts in the public trough makes us more secrue and prosperous.

  3. we’ve got a bunch of releases and speeches on multiculturalism on the party website if you want to look in more detail, but I believe security is about a far more than more soldiers and weapons. The inability to get stability in iraq shows that clearly enough.
    Actively promoting multiculturalism, harmonious cultural diversity, or whatever you want to call it, is the best mechanism for building understanding amongst different cultures, nations and religions. That will go much further to track down and nullify terrorism than more guns. I also support an adequately resourced military and intelligence agencies, but they will work far better in an environment where there is cultural understanding, rather than ignorance and fear.

  4. Mate, no offence, but that bungee jump was not a good idea. Watch The Glass House tonight – if they leave it in, there’s a section with commentary on different photos and your photo is one of them. One comment, I believe, was “It’s going in the same direction as his career!”
    And these are left-wing comedians who used to support the Democrats…

  5. Are the Democrats in favour of giving a larger share of multicultural funding to Australians of British descent or doesn’t multiculturalism include Anglo-Saxons?

  6. of course multiculturalism includes Anglo-Saxons! Supporting multiculturalism is about a lot more than funding a ethnic groups – that’s a pretty minor component really, although it does play a useful role.

  7. Andrew,
    Frankly I was a bit jealous of your bungee jump. Something I’ve always wanted to try.
    I saw your ‘speech’ on the ABC the other night and I did think it was a pity that the Dems are facing a bleak outlook come this election and I have my own opinions as to who is largely responsible for the Dem’s downhill slide (and it ain’t you).
    I don’t know what a suitable word would be instead of launch. Given then Dem’s charter, what about ‘watchlist’ or something along those lines?
    Maybe a dumb idea but I’m no politician.

  8. PS: What the hell’s “Trackback”? (Please make answer as technical as possible.)
    (And, yeah, flying’s a pain – but only because of the food. Which is even more unappealing than the residents of Tain.)

  9. For people who think the Dems are finished, I say look at the electoral history of the Democrats. They might be polling at 1% in the polls for the House of Reps, but the Senate polls and past elections demonstrate that the Democrats poll anywhere between 1 and 6% higher in the Senate. The latest Morgan poll for the Senate put the Democrats at 7% in QLD and SA, with the Greens only a couple of percent higher. The Greens poll lower in the Senate compared to the Reps. The Greens have never won Senate seats in these two states.
    I would not write the Democrats off in these two states especially the Democrats heartland state of South Australia. Every thing in SA looks good for the Democrats. The Dems are under constant attack from the Greens over here and this is a big sign that the Greens see the Dems in SA as a HUGE threat.

  10. At the Greens refugee “policy” launch, someone asked the Greens if they have a policy on refugees, (Jake Bugden- GRN candidate for Adelaide) says that they don’t have one. Surprising!
    Just goes to show that the Greens are all talk and no action. “They like to scream into the night and love hearing the sound of their own voices” Sorry AB, couldn’t resist borrowing a line from one of your PRs.

  11. The Democrats are back to keeping the bastards honest. Also, the Democrats have always had policy, so Alistair, I wouldn’t go blaming Senator Stott Despoja for the Democrats woes and I would not go around saying that she is “…a truly incapable flippant leader with no policy.” because that comment is untrue and false.
    The only reason the Dems aren’t getting media is because there is a big focus on the Latham vs Howard battle. Not even Bob Brown and the Greens are getting much media. There is also the fact that the Democrats media releases are sensible and contain facts and policy, unlike some other minor party’s leader who pumps out pathetic shallow one liners with no policy or fact substance. Guess who.

  12. Why purple? i am interested in what you have to say, but i simply can not read something on such a bright background. Who ever designed the colour scheme for this blog ought to be slapped. Seriously i want to know what you have to say, but i refuse to read something that will hurt my eyes.

  13. I guess it’s purple because I like purple, but I’ll talk to someone who understands about these things and see about making it less bright.
    I’ll ask them what ‘trackback’ is too – I’m been wondering about that myself.
    I’d recommend trying a bungee jump – although it costs a bit (in part due to unnecessarily high liabilty insurance costs – which is not to beat up on insurance companies, jus the way the system works). I’m looking forward to having another jump in a few weeks time when there’s no cameras around so I can better absorb the experience.

  14. Max, I’m know the Democrats have had their ups and downs over the years, but only someone with the most rose tinted glasses would be expecting a good result anywhere this time.
    The preference deals with Family First and Fred Nile have got to be the last nail in the coffin for progressive voters (and aren’t going to attract too many from the right to replace them).
    Now is the time for being honest to yourself – not just pretending to keeping the other bastards honest…

  15. I have to say Chris, look at the latest Senate Morgan Poll for SA. It put the Dems at 10% (up 3% on last poll) and Greens 10.5% (unchanged). I think a good result for the Dems in the Senate in SA is achievable. Other states have fallen back, but it looks like the Dems are well and truly close to gaining a Senate seat in SA. Something of interest is that the Other vote is at 1.5% (down 4.5% since last poll) This suggests that Family First will not gain a seat in SA. Many pundits are speculating that Family First will poll well, but the speculation is based on gut feelings and hunches and not fact.

  16. Max,
    Unfortunately the AEC site just shows the preference numbers, not the reasoning behind them. In the absence of any argument other than “Family First are ‘moderate'”, as disproved by the comments about the Liberal candidate for Brisbane, we’ve been left to draw our own conclusions.
    If there is a principled reason for a progressive, secular, tolerant party to preference Family First I’d like to know what it is…

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