Speech to National Press Club

Received a lot of positive feedback from the speech to the Press Club. It’s impossible for me to be objective about it obviously and also hard for me to judge when I’m delivering it rather than on the receiving end like everyone else.

However, the feedback was more positive than usual. Still, you can never tell if it will get coverage and if so, which aspects or what angle will be put on it.

I received a nice little crystal bowl as a gift. You end up getting a lot of little gifts over the course of a year. I imagine if I was a Minister or something like that I’d end with a lot more. The gesture is always appreciated, but it’s hard to know what to do with some of them. Very few are of major value, so giving them away to staff or friends or family is usually OK (or even keeping them for myself, which I do from time to time).

Back onto another plane and over to Adelaide. Releasing a package of measures aimed at reminding people about the ongoing plight of the many refugees and asylum seekers in our society.

Man I HATE plane travel. It’s OK being in different places all the time and meeting different people (although I do miss home and my little girl rather a lot at times), but the sitting around on planes and in airports and on the way to and from airports drives me nuts.

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  1. Andrew, you spoke well at National Press Club, in fact I was pleased with your performance. I am seeing that this is a return of the true democrats, who I like to call “Chipp Style Democrats”. At last a party is returning to their true ideologies. Instead of crossing the boundries to convince swinging voters. Some may argue that in order to enact these ideologies the parties have to obtain power. This is true to an extent. But it is useless when we have two faced politicians such as Latham and Howard (An example is Howard, one day a free market capitalist the next a Whitlamite tax payer funded spending scheme advocate)

  2. Yeah, Andrew, that was an excellent Press Club speech. A very good outline of what the Democrats have done and will do, what they stand for and how they differ from every other party. Just a shame the journalists’ questions were rather banal; didn’t really do you justice.

  3. I heard only the latter part of this but was singularly impressed – both by your manner of reply and also by your style.
    So, thanks for not ‘yelling’ at us, Andrew!! Well done. And thanks, too, for replies that weren’t stashed full of rhetoric!! and bullshit.
    If the press had few questions of any real ‘meat’, maybe it was because you’d covered everything so well.
    Cheers – Maggie.

  4. Hi AB. I have to compliment you on you speech and the way you conducted yourself in answering the tough questions. You looked fantastic as well (fit as a fiddle). The Democrats are well and truly on their way back to their old selves. I can see the Democrats being the dark horse at the election. There are still between 7 and 10% of voters undecided even in the Senate. I can see the Democrats picking up some of those voters and gaining a seat in SA and coming close to gaining in VIC. Senator Cherry will have a tough time retaining and so will Senator Ridgeway and Brian Greig. I hope all goes well and the Democrats maintain their numbers to ensure a strong and independent Senate.

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