Campaigning in Tasmania

I’ve always enjoyed visiting Tasmania. It really is an exceptionally beautiful place and I’d heartily recommend it to anyone. Even though I’ve lived all my life in Brisbane, I’m not a big fan of the heat and I often appreciated the soothing cool that Tassie provides.

The visit was too short as always. I’m starting to develop a list of things I will try to do in the months after the election. One of them is to spend two or three days in the North-West of the state. I’ve only really been over that way once or twice – and then only as far as Burnie and Wynyard. I’m sure it has its unique characteristic which can only fully be appreciated by visiting and meeting with some of the people that live there.

Back on another one of those planes and back to Canberra. I have to give our pre-election speech to the Press Club and need to prepare a bit. It’ll be hard to get big coverage out of it, but getting/keeping the focus on the Senate will be the aim.

It’s a very clear-cut and straightforward message, and in my view clearly an essential and correct one. The very much harder bit is making everyone else’s view coincide with mine. We’ll all see soon enough I guess.

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