Melbourne – young people in nursing homes and Grand Final breakfast

I flew to Melbourne Friday morning on a 6am flight. I had one of those awful ‘wake up to turn off the alarm and then go straight back to sleep’ experiences, waking up 20 minutes after I was due to leave. Fortunately my exceptionally wise, long-suffering and underpaid staff person who books all these things for me has learnt to book my cars about 20 minutes earlier than I need them purely for this sort of eventuality (either that or she just takes perverse pleasure in making me get up earlier than she knows I have to). Made it to the airport with 7 minutes to spare, but needing a shave.

Did media events on higher education and young people in nursing homes – one of those ‘forgotten’ issues.

There are thousands of very disabled young people who for various reasons do not have suitable facilities who end up in aged care facilities because there’s nowhere else for them. You don’t need to think too long to realise these are totally inappropriate facilities for any young person, let alone people who with appropriate intensive therapy can often be significantly rehabilitated.

I met three of those young people, plus their parents. It was hard to know who to admire more, the parents or the youngsters. They’ll always have something of a bigger burden to carry than the rest of us, but there’s no reason why that burden can’t be significantly reduced. One of the girls, Angela, was a real charmer, but all of the young people were people who were still contributing and could contribute far more if they and their families got the proper assistance.

Through no fault of their own, they’d just fallen through some of the gaps in our system. I’m sure the gap can be fixed, but on top of everything else, they’re having to put a lot of energy into making people aware that the gap exists. If determination was any indication of success, I think they’ll get there, but they really shouldn’t be having to be doing it. Anyway, I hope I can help them along the way.

It’s grand final eve in Melbourne – I guess it’s the right city to be in for a footy fan, let alone a Brisbane Lions fan. I feel reasonably confident they can pull off another win – even put a $20 bet on them to win just to show a bit of extra faith. However, there’s no such thing as a certainty, especially in a two horse race.

Another early start tomorrow – am attending the Grand Final breakfast put on by the Kangaroos. There’s lots of GF breakfasts these days, but this is the major one. I imagine Howard and Latham will be there. Crean was there last year, but Howard’s daughter was getting married then if recall rightly.

This is the one where they play a little excerpt of a song as they introduce you to the crowd. Don Chipp has been going for many years and they usually introduce him by playing “I Started a Joke” by the Bee Gees. Last year they played “The Impossible Dream” for my intro. This year it will probably be something hilarious like “1 bourbon, 1 scotch, 1 beer” or “I Drink Alone” by George Thorogood. Anyway, I’m sure it will be fun.

Unfortunately I haven’t got a ticket to the game itself. I’d love to see a Grand Final live one day, but it’ll be great just to sit back and watch the game for a few hours and forget about everything else for a while. Still, I have to do Meet the Press at 8.30 on Sunday morning, so I best not switch off for too long.

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  1. Perhaps your ‘Big Entrance Song’ could be Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”.
    It’s all about a person who can’t get enough of it, won’t give up and will never let themself be beaten.
    And Queen always liked purple.

  2. Turned out they played ‘Red Red Wine’. They’re probably saving the Glasgow classic about Granny shoving until next year.
    bunch of scunners.

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