In Sydney on Insight

In Sydney tonight. Did a live forum with a group of people on SBS Insight. Always hard to get much of a word in on those things, although I got more of a run than most of the people who were present, many of whom missed out altogether. I sat next to a cabbie who has his own blog – worth checking out at – focusing on politics and the election a fair bit at the moment.

I’m off again early in the morning, flying to Caloundra in SE Qld and then up to Rockhampton to run again on the stupidity, as well as the cruelty, of the live animal export trade. So many jobs lost and such massive suffering, heaps of public opposition, and yet so much continuing major party support for it. Go figure. As a vegetarian, I suppose bemoaning the closure of abattoirs might seem a bit odd, but if others are going to keep eating meat, it may as well occur humanely and produce jobs and wealth here.

Should be getting a night at home as well after that, which will be nice. Although nighttime is likely to see an interview on Brisbane community radio 4ZZZ (102.1 on your dial or, one of Australia’s first community radio stations and still a great source of alternative views and music. I should be on the Queer Radio session. I imagine I’ll get questioned about the Family First thing, but hopefully it will also be a chance to talk about what still needs to be in law reform at national level and how important good leadership is (and how damaging bad leadership can be) on issues like this that as much about attitude change as law reform. The guy who does the show, John Frame, has been at it for a long time and is a good activist.

Might possibly be doing ABC Lateline after that, although those things tend to be subject to late change.For people who like looking around blogs on social issues, you could also try this one – . I know this guy a bit. Nice enough and used to be a Democrat. Having just gone there, I note he’s said I’m the only person who could look bored bungy jumping. Also a comment from someone who says they can’t vote for me cos I’m too weird for wearing purple all the time.

As happens with such ventures, also found, through this, which I sort of like, mainly because he says I rock.

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  1. Hey Andrew and fellow thrill-seekers,
    I’m flattered to have scored a link in your blog. I’ll definately be reciprocating.
    Although I’ve left the Democrats and have shifted my personal thinking away from the party, I’d still dearly love to see it retain the balance of power in the Senate. Doing some quick arithmetic, it seems that if the Dems go as the polls suggest that the Greens will have the B-o-P if the Libs are in government, and the Libs will have the B-o-P if the ALP are in government. Both are scary prospects.
    All the best on a fun and successful campaign.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Andrew.
    I assume you’ve been to Jess’s blog –
    I also share Ari’s fear that the Greens or the Libs could hold the balance of power in the Senate. What the electorate decides for the Senate is what the electorate gets really – whether the parties deserve to hold the BoP or not.
    Keep fighting the good fight and good luck for October.

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