Goal/Wish List of 2015

The start of a new year seems to be the time for lists – looking back at things that have happened, lives that have changed (and ended), and looking forwards at what might happen next and what might be able to be done differently.

It also seems to be the time for wishes – wishing others good prospects and good will, heartfelt or otherwise, and wishing for better things to happen, or if one is fortunate, for good things to continue. Sometimes these too take the form of lists – lists of wishes of what people would like to see in the world or in themselves over the near future.

I’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions over the years – kept one or two and failed at the other few – but they’ve never really been my thing, (although my life could well be better if they had been). I’ve never done a wish list, perhaps feeling it’s of a like to giving a list to Santa Claus (which I don’t recall ever working when I was a child).

For reasons yet to reveal themselves to me, over the last few days I’ve felt like it would be a good idea for to develop a list – not quite of wishes, or resolutions, or a bucket list, but perhaps some sort of not-very-well-defined mix of all of these. A list of things I’d like to see happen in the near future, but which would benefit from me undertaking some type of action to improve the prospects of those wishes coming a bit closer to fruition. In other words, wishes which have more chance of coming true if I do something more than just wish for it, involving aims or goals worthwhile enough to put on a list and involve putting a bit of thought into what it is I could do about it.

How close to the edges of possibility will such things need to be to qualify for this list? World peace seems to be asking a bit much, but perhaps an overall reduction in armed conflict could qualify – although I’m not sure if there’s anything at all I could that could contribute positively to such an outcome. So it’s got to be plausible, even if the prospects are remote, and be something I can make a difference towards. I was initially thinking that it also shouldn’t include anything overly minor, but I realise small things can be very important and sometimes very powerful even when they are all but invisible.

Anyway, I don’t know how long the list will be, or even whether it will really work in the way I’m thinking, so I’ll just try out some words and go from there. I’ll post some entries on this old blog and see if they fit here.

Happy New Year and best wishes for the year/s ahead.

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